Toddler Room

Fun and Learning for Busy Little People

This room is for our 2 to 3 year old children. The toddlers have a busy and varied day. An introduction to Circle time starts the day and a more structured story and rhyme time encourages language development and listening skills.

Then it’s off to the gym we go, where there are lots of activities on offer to develop gross motor skills and burn off some energy. The children spend long periods in the garden often having a picnic snack, and playing lots of circle games.

A variety of role play themes are introduced including the vet’s, building site, beach scene and hospital play. These are changed monthly, with the rest of the activities being changed every 2 weeks. Careful planning ensures that children have the opportunity to develop across the six areas of the early years curriculum.

We work closely with parents when it’s time for potty training, encouraging children’s independence and self help skills. Again there are lots of opportunities for children to get creative, and children’s work is displayed all round the room.

If the children still need sleep time, then our cosy beds and soft music help them to drift off, waking up ready for the busy afternoon.

Our Toddler Room Staff

Our staff are experienced, motivated and caring, developing lovely relationships with the children they care for.