Getting Ready for the Next Step

This room caters for children from 3 years to compulsory school age, and the emphasis is very much on preparation for the next stage of the children’s journey.

Circle time is expanded to include our day’s of the week, weather songs and weekend news. With children being encouraged to talk and listen.

Our colour, shape, nursery rhyme and topic for the month are also expanded on, with children’s ideas included in our planning. Regular treasure hunts for objects which are the colour or shape of the month encourage thinking skills.

More difficult puzzles, threading and sorting by size as well as colour help develop concentration and the introduction of a variety of board games encourage children to share and take turns.

Messy play is still a firm favourite with sand and water play being used to introduces mathematical concepts such heavy/light, full/empty and big and small.

Our laptop is a great resource for encouraging counting skills, the children love to join in with a variety of number songs including “5 little monkeys” and “5 little men in a flying saucer”.

We continue to encourage independence and self help skills with toileting and hand washing, at snack and lunch time and teaching children to put on their own coats and shoes.

Our pre-school staff

Our pre-school staff are dedicated to providing high quality care, encouraging each child to reach their full potential.